Top 5 Reasons Why To Choose ReactJS for Your Next Project

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3 min readMay 7, 2021


Key Aspects Of ReactJS Making It Most Preferred Frontend Framework

ReactJS is probably the best frontend framework ever for website development. It provides every reason for a developer to keep up with it for every project. However, it’s not that the developers have no other alternative at the moment. But, nothing is as all-inclusive as ReactJS. The ReactJS has transformed the development scenario from client to server-side logic, making the process more effective. Anyway, below are the other prominent reasons behind the growing popularity of ReactJS development.

1. Superior Performance through Fast Rendering

ReactJS can significantly improve the speed of the overall process. It has been distinguishing from others by rendering the entire DOM. Here one simply has to render only the sections requiring modification. Naturally, the entire process becomes faster. Through the process of fast rendering, ReactJS is obvious to be more productive. Moreover, as the process becomes faster, the overall expense for development also gets lesser.

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2. User-Friendly, And Simpler To Learn

ReactJS certainly is one of the most user-friendly frontend frameworks. The best part is that one can get used to it very easily as there are no complex elements in it. All that one needs is to possess proper JavaScript knowledge. A beginner can also get started with real-time projects within a few days.

3. Reuse of Components Helps in Maintaining Consistency

With ReactJS, one doesn’t need to write code for the entire block at a time. Rather, here one needs to begin with microelements, be it about label, key, etc., those can be combined for developing bigger components. The bigger components can be further combined, which can be continued till the ultimate UI block is achieved. As the components can be reused, one can attain consistency with the look. Maintenance aspects become simpler and can be scaled up as well.

4. Helps Developers through Incredible Community Support

Incredible community support is one of the foremost reasons behind ReactJS turning out to be such a popular framework. Everyone knows about Facebook support. However, there are thousands from all across the globe to contribute to it. This makes the React library thoroughly enriched and updated. It can be claimed that this is why developers often remain confident in finding out an effective solution for any issues related to ReactJS. There are hundreds of tutorials available.

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5. ReactJS Is Using By Top Digital Platforms

One of the prime reasons behind ReactJS being a favorite of many is that it’s quite proven. Household names like Facebook, PayPal, Netflix, etc., have believed in ReactJS for delivering a superior experience to their users.


Apart from these, ReactJS also provides a much more profound toolset for developers helping them in developing high-end features. The cool features of Facebook are developed moreover using ReactJS toolkits. ReactJS is significant from SEO perspectives, considering that Google bots can crawl one-page web apps. All in all, ReactJS has it all that a developer wishes to be able to deliver something satisfying and unique every single time.



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